Craft. Strategy. Coffee.
Hi I'm Kevin, and I have a true passion for all things art & design. I am an art director and professional artist based on the East Coast. I have a unique skill set and believe that with hard work, imagination, and a really good podcast anything can be accomplished. My specialties include conceptualization, web, brand identity, UX & UI design, illustration, and motion graphics. I like to incorporate my passions, inspirations, and colorful synesthesia into my work whenever possible, since I find it important to add a strong sense of style to any creative endeavor.

I am always looking for new opportunities and to build new relationships, so check out some of my work, and feel free to contact me if you like what you see. Take a gander at my art & illustration work as well.



"Kevin was a great asset in our design studio, particularly when it came to producing digital products. His vast knowledge of proven tactics and emerging trends proved beneficial for both original work and ongoing website optimizations. While Kevin took his work seriously, he never held himself to that same standard. Rather, his quick wit and self-deprecating charm made him a well-liked colleague."
Jennifer Green - Creative Director, Karma Agency

"I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Kevin for the better part of a year. He brings a unique presence to the team with his enjoyable personality and keen design eye. He responds well to direction and takes charge in designing from a creative brief. Through collaborating with Kevin, I have seen first hand his desire to create great work, leveraging systematic thinking and atomic design principles. Additionally, Kevin is a great guy to spend your days with. He knows how to balance a relaxed workplace demeanor with hard work and determination. Kevin’s skill, and ability to learn quickly, would be a key asset to any design team."
Austin Addis - Senior Digital Designer, 160over90

"We were truly fortunate to have this unique opportunity to work with someone with graphic design, website development and motion graphics skills. Through all projects Kevin was right there in the thick of things, from concept to execution. What's more, Kevin was able to demonstrate to his colleagues (and our clients) his proverbial "value-add," gaining their respect by helping to develop truly innovative solutions while paying close attention to all the details. He proved time and again that he is an independent, self-directed person who is able to work with the larger team to meet challenges and project goals."
Jennifer Krout - Operations Director, Mighty Engine

"Kevin is an extremely talented, smart and engaging person to have on your team. He has an urge to try new things, to think of new ideas and to work to get the best possible outcome for a project. Kevin contributes ideas to team brainstorms and puts in the extra time when asked. He's also well liked among his peers. Kevin is also current and knowledgable on many social media platforms, and has contributed greatly to our work and success with FB, Twitter, Vine and Instagram."
Peter Magulak - Senior Art Director, MRM//McCann

"Kevin was selected out of a pool of candidates for our Fall/Winter Internship Program. He immediately stood out as a bright individual that was passionate about graphic design. He came at a busy time and was able to tackle projects head on. Everything from hand-lettering to motion graphics, he handles each task with grace. I have full confidence that he will continue this journey and find great success in this industry. I look forward to working with Kevin again!"
Kelly Lan - Digital Designer, MRM//McCann